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“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

MIghty Women

Five paramedics who were among the only women that served in Gaza for long periods of time, shared their stories of pain and pride.

The women, whose stories originally appeared on Ynet, talked about their experiences. While the women in regular service are already back to normal operational activities, the sights and memories of combat are still with them.

The women – Tal Shahar, Yonat Daskal, Noam Dan, Tamar Bar-Ilan, and Chen Amusi – each have their own combat stories, the memories of which will never leave them, just as the memories of the many wounded whom they cared for will never leave them.

But more than anything, the female paramedics said that they think about those whom they could not save. The soldiers who didn’t survive.

“On Sunday I was at the Kotel with my battalion and we said a prayer of thanks,” said Dan, who served in the hard hit Golani Brigade. “In Gaza there were so many moments of death that I had to thank God that I’m alive. Only then did I realize how frightening it had been there.”

Watch this Video of the Iron Dome in Operation

Love and Prayers from Zion
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman

Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19


In spite of the boasting words of Hamas, they have to deal with 250000 people displaced because of the war. Many people in Gaza are not happy with Hamas but if they dare to speak against Hamas with any foreign journalist they are instantly murdered by Hamas.

This is a pressure coocker that has the potential of dethroning Hamas in Gaza. Egypt is also fed up with Hamas so Hamas is in trouble. This time of Cease Fire has the potential of giving it the death blow from within.

2 Chronicles 20:22-29

Love and Prayers from Zion
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman

Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19

50 Days Cease Fire

Cease Fire brokered by Egypt has been accepted by both sides after exactly 50 Days since Zuk Eitan started.
If Hamas will not agree to disarm, Israel may have to conquer Gaza in a few months.
This Cease Fire will give a temporary time of quiet.

Love and Prayers from Zion
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman

Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19


Oficially the Cease Fire has started with no ending date. Most of Israel is not happy with a Cease fire, they want all of terror completely destroyed first in Gaza abd Gaza disarmed. We believe that this is a tactic Cease Fire untill the Feasts are over but certainly IDF will have to enter into Gaza again in a few months.
Pray for PM Netanyahu as he is very critized for not finishing the job.

Love and Prayers from Zion
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman

Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19


This IDF soldier got hurt from a short bomb range as he came to visit his family near Gaza in Gan Yavne. He is in a coma with respiratory system. It does not look good. Please pray for a MIRACLE!

Rockets shot Towards the Golan Heights

Syria is a sensitive spot due to the terrible civil war. Lebanon has been a Syrian and Iranian “puppet” for a long time. It is quite expectable that they would want to join the war against Israel. One person was wounded.

Please pray for the Iron Dome to expand its capabilities and let us keep lifting up our hands for the deliverance of Israel. Psalm 83, Exodus 17:15, 16. Let us build a YHVH NISSI Altar of Prayer and Praise for Joshua-ISRAEL to overwhelm Hamas Amalek

4 Year Old Daniel Tragerman Buried Today

Hamas shot a short range bomb towards his house in Kibbutz Nahal Oz the day before yesterday and murdered the 4 year old Daniel. This Kibbutz borders with Gaza and from the 350 members of Kibbutz only 50 are left most everyone have moved temporarily or permanently towards more secure grounds in Israel. The inhabitants of the Israeli settlements near Gaza are very disappointed as they expected the government to hit Hamas much order in order to bring peace to the very war beaten area.

Let us pray for the comfort of little Daniel’s young family and as we enter into our 40 Day Corporate Fast let us lift our arms like Moses so IDF can OVERWHELM Amalek-Hamas all the way to the end! Exodus 17:10-13

Gaza Corpses Were Caught MOVING

From Breaking Israel News

While the latest conflict between Hamas and Israel is filled with violence, a second war is being waged by Hamas right under your nose. This war is being broadcasted all across the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hamas is waging a major propaganda war against the Jewish state, having no reservations about staging massacres that they then blame on Israel, inflating their death toll numbers, and calling on the world for peace when the terror groups own leaders vow publicly that they will never make peace with the “Zionist enemy.”

In what can only be described as an oops moment, corpses in Gaza, who had supposedly been killed in an IAF airstrike, are caught on camera moving. Those under the burial shrouds are clearly seen moving when they think that the cameras are not trained on them. It seems that dead people were not invited to the funeral.

It seems that Hamas will stoop to some very low points to garner international sympathy.


Breaking News

From Haaretz Israeli news

Germany, France and Britain have begun working on a UN Security Council resolution that would end the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, they circulated a document to diplomats at UN headquarters in New York outlining the elements they thought such a resolution should contain. These include returning Gaza to the Palestinian Authority’s control, reconstructing the Strip under international supervision to prevent Hamas from rearming, and restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on the basis of the pre-1967 lines.

The two-page document, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, bears the laconic title “Elements.”

On Friday, diplomats said the U.S. joined the initiative.

Both senior Israeli officials and European diplomats — all of whom requested to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue — said German, French and British officials briefed top Israeli figures on the draft but did not give them a copy. Jerusalem obtained the document through other diplomatic channels.

The document proposes that the resolution condemn “all violence and hostilities directed against civilians, as well as indiscriminate attacks resulting in civilian casualties, and all acts of terrorism.” The resolution should also call for an “immediate, sustainable” cease-fire that would include an end to all rocket fire from Gaza and all offensive military operations in Gaza, it said. This cease-fire would be based on the following principles:

* The return of control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority.

* Security arrangements to prevent the resumption of hostilities.

* The prohibition of the sale or supply of all weapons and munitions to the Gaza Strip, unless authorized by the PA.

* A commitment to prevent the financing of terrorism.

* The lifting of “economic and humanitarian restrictions” on the Gaza Strip in order to enable the reconstruction, economic rehabilitation and development of the territory.

* The full reopening of all border crossings with the Gaza Strip, “taking into account the 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access.” This U.S.-brokered agreement between Israel and the PA was supposed to govern the operation of the crossings following Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from the Strip.

The document also proposed establishing an international monitoring and verification mission, whose job would include monitoring implementation of the above principles, investigating and reporting cease-fire violations to both parties and to the Security Council, facilitating the movement of people and goods to and from Gaza and serving as a liaison between the parties to the cease-fire “to ensure effective communications” between them.

The document’s other provisions included asking the UN secretary-general to draft a plan to help the PA establish “effective governance” in Gaza; urging UN member states to contribute to Gaza’s reconstruction, inter alia by calling an international conference on the issue and urging them to help the PA to pay the salaries of civil servants in Gaza and increase the capabilities of its security forces.

The final paragraph of the document, which deals with the resumption Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, is one of the most important and sensitive sections of the proposal. It calls for “renewed and urgent efforts by the parties and the international community to resume the negotiations in order to achieve a comprehensive peace based on the vision of two democratic States, Palestine and Israel, living side by side on the basis of the pre-1967 borders in peace and security.”

Ever since the fighting in Gaza began, Jordan has been pushing for passage of a Security Council resolution to end the war. But since its draft resolution was one-sided, and called for establishing an international inquiry commission to investigate alleged Israeli attacks on UN facilities in Gaza, the United States blocked it, with support from the three European Security Council members. Washington’s main argument was that a Security Council resolution would undermine the talks taking place in Egypt on a cease-fire deal.

After the indirect talks between Israel and Hamas collapsed earlier this week, however, Germany, France and Britain decided to push for a Security Council resolution themselves — but one that would be more balanced and would satisfy many of Israel’s security demands. This initiative has won support from other council members, including Australia, and the United States is also leaning toward backing it.

“The question isn’t whether there will be a Security Council resolution to end the war in Gaza, the question is only when it will happen,” said one European diplomat involved in the talks on the matter.