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“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1


This has come out in various newspapers.
Keep on praying and He will keep in averting!
Psalm 83 and Psalm 91 to declare
See anti Amalek prayers in or request them from info


From Arutz 7

In a joint press conference with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond Thursday, thanking Britain for its support and stressing the need to understand Israel’s struggle to defend itself in light of the UK’s own history.


“You, as a representative of the UK, of Britain, have a special understanding – at least, a historical understanding – of what we’re undergoing,” Netanyahu began. “There’s only been one other instance when a democracy was rocketed and pelleted by projectiles of death, and that’s Britain during World War Two.”

“Israel is undergoing a similar bombardment now,” he noted. “We are responding, in our own way, by targeting the rocketeers and seeking to ferret out these terrorists, who are firing behind civilians at our civilians.”

“This is a double war crime,” he continued. “And naturally, it’s made more difficult for us to fight this criminality. As I’ve just shown you, the terrorists are firing rockets from schools, from mosques, from hospitals, heavily at civilian populations.”

“We have to try, and are doing our best, to minimize civilian casualties, but we cannot give our attackers immunity,” he added. “We seek, as best as we can, to target them – but all the civilian deaths that are there – and we regret each one of them – are the responsibility of Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad terrorists that are in league with them.”

UNHRC ‘a travesty’

Netanyahu then took a stab at the United Nations Human Right’s Council (UNHRC)’s condemnations of Israel. The decision to launch an inquiry was made shortly after UNHRC chief Navi Pillay said that there is a “strong possibility” that Israel was violating international law through Operation Protective Edge.

“This use of human shields is extraordinarily cynical, grotesque, it’s inhumane – but what is equally grotesque is that Israel was condemned in the Human Rights Council,” he noted. “It’s a travesty of justice, it’s a travesty of fairness, it’s a travesty of common sense, it’s a travesty of truth.”

“It will not prevent us from continuing to act to defend our people, to protect against rocket attacks, and to dismantle the vast terror tunnel network that we have seen that is geared to penetrate our territory,” he added.

Netanyahu also thanked the UK for its support of Israel over the past several days, as well as the fact that British Airways, the UK’s national carrier, continued to fly to Israel despite a bandwagon of bans.

“I thank you for keeping your moral focus and your moral clarity – we shall need it in the days ahead,” he concluded.

‘Israel has the right to defend itself’

Hammond responded by clarifying the UK’s unwavering support for Israel’s need to defend itself.

“Britain has been very clear, I’ve been very clear, Prime Minister [David] Cameron has been very clear that this current cycle of violence was triggered by Hamas firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli towns and cities, indiscriminately and in breach of international humanitarian law,” he began.

“Britain has also been very clear that Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens.”

Hammond then expressed, however, “grave concern” for the “level of civilian casualties” and said that Britain wants to see a ceasefire “quickly agreed.”

“We welcomed the earlier cease-fire proposal by Egypt, and we are grateful to you, Prime Minister, for your immediate agreement to it,” he added, “and we are disappointed that Hamas has apparently, once again, rejected ceasefire proposals.”


**Praise YHVH for this breakthroughtoday with the General Secretary of the UN, and for the mandate, given today by the EU, for dis-arming Gaza.
**Praise the Lord for the incredible video and intelligence evidence (vindication) that has been gathered and presented for the world to see.
**Thank the Lord that Hamas is losing ground politically and militarily.
**Praise YHVH for Prime Minister, Netanyahu!!! Thank Him for the wisdom, integrity, and the statesmanship that he has shown the world, and with which he has been leading Israel. Pray divine protection upon him and upon his family.

2: THE TERRORIST TUNNELS ARE BEING DESTROYED BY THE IDF CONTINUALLY. MANY MORE ARE BEING DISCOVERED EACH DAY! Sometimes it takes 13 hours to destroy a single tunnel, but the IDF is moving more deeply into Gaza, doing exactly what needs to be done. If you wish to see a tunnel being destroyed, view this video:

While we have prayed for the IDF demolition teams’ success, we have also prayed that Egypt might close off the tunnels between Gaza and the Sinai to stop the flow of weapons and terrorists. Today I received word that Egypt has chosen to use a unique way to shut down these tunnels. The government has ordered raw sewage to be pumped into the tunnels that are found on Egyptian soil. That’s brilliant! Take a look:

**Thank YHVH for the amazing success our troops are having in the locating these tunnels and demolishing them. Thank Him for the protection He gave today to those, who were doing this dangerous work. Pray that He will continue to prosper and keep these very brave soldiers doing such critical work.
**Thank YHVH for the cooperation and cleverness of the Egyptian government in dealing with the tunnels from Gaza that exit into that country. Pray that the stink, arising from these tunnels, which connect with other deeper tunnels, will lead to the discovery of the ones still hidden.
**Pray that the military campaign will continue until it is FINISHED and until all is ACCOMPLISHED.

Missing soldier please pray!

Netanyahu says Israel will continue to defend itself; army names Oron Shaul as missing soldier presumed killed in Gaza fighting; Hamas had claimed it kidnapped soldier; IDF death toll rises to 28; over 600 Gazans said killed so far


PRAY PSALM 17:6-13

And put the name IDF or Israeli soldiers in there instead of the word “me”

Discovery and Demolition of Gaza Tunnels is Increasing

From a major intercessor for Israel
DISCOVERY AND THE DEMOLITION OF THE GAZA TUNNELS ARE CONTINUIING AND INCREASING. This morning, a strategic terrorist tunnel, exiting into the Jewish community of Netiv HaAsara, was destroyed. These types of tunnels cover approximately 64 km of the Israeli border with Gaza. The process of finding and destroying these interconnecting, well hidden, tunnels is a very dangerous one, which needs continuous intercession. As the Israeli forces move deeper into this operation, they are finding that these tunnels are interconnected with rocket construction sites, with launch and maintenance locations, with weapons caches, and to exit passages out into Israel. Hamas has booby-trapped many of these tunnels and their connected sites. Pray that Israel will proceed under the guidance of YHVH, until these threats are removed. Pray for ever-increasing wisdom and discernment, as the Israeli forces approach and enter these deathtraps. Pray for an increase in the ability of the Israeli Sky Rider drones (and their operators) to observe terrorist movements, and to spot the exits from these tunnels. Pray for the angels of the Lord to guide the robots being sent in to inspect the tunnels, so that no tripwire or trap is left unseen in advance.

The Number of Casualties has increased

From a major intercessor for Israel
THE NUMBER OF CASUALTIES IN THE IDF INVASION FORCES HAS INCREASED SINCE LAST EVENING. The last briefing I received just while ago, announced that 18 soldiers had been killed. 53 wounded soldiers, including a high-ranking officer, had been taken to hospitals. Field hospitals are currently being raised up within the reach of battle. 13 of the dead are members of the Golani Brigade … some of our best fighters. Seven of these precious ones were killed when an RPG was fired into the armored personnel carrier in which they were writing. Others were killed when a booby-trap was triggered as they entered the building. Our soldiers must constantly be on guard for tripwires, and for terrorists wearing explosives, that appear out of nowhere. They have to be on guard against terrorist, who pop out of these tunnels to attack them from behind. It is also been discovered that some of the captured or killed Hamas members have had tranquilizers and handcuffs in their possession, for the purpose of kidnapping soldiers. The level of stress weighing down on these advancing soldiers is phenomenal. In spite of it, they’re doing a magnificent job. Decree and declare that there will be no more deaths by booby-traps in buildings or tunnels. Pray for the Lord to send His own angelic host to be a protective shield over the advancing troops. Pray and decree against every attempt to kidnap an Israeli. Even pray that the terrorists, who are lying in ambush, would mysteriously glow in the green color associated with Islam, so that they can remain hidden. Pray for supernatural healing and restoration for all of the wounded. Pray for supernatural protection to be over and upon every field hospital, and to surround all those within these tent city facilities. Release an anointing of healing over them.

THE NUMBER OF CASUALTIES IN THE IDF INVASION FORCES HAS INCREASED SINCE LAST EVENING.  The last briefing I received just while ago, announced that 18 soldiers had been killed.  53 wounded soldiers, including a high-ranking officer, had been taken to hospitals. Fiel d hospitals are currently being raised up within the reach of battle. 13 of the precious ones were killed when an RPG was fired into the armored personnel carrier

30 IDF Soldiers Injured Today

30 IDF Soldiers are injured and 3 have been killed in the Ground Operation in Gaza. Over 50 dangerous tunnels have been found. The purpose was to use them for infiltrating into Israel , storing weapons and kidnapping Israelis. One such tunnel was used by a group of terrorist yo infiltrate through the Israeli Gazs border and 2 Israeli patrol soldiers were killed.
Pray that ALL tunnels are destriyed and for much protection for our soldiers. Pray for SPEEDY MIRACLE RECOVERY FROM THEIR WOUNDS!

20 Year Old Israeli Soldier killed

IDF soldier

killed, 4 injured in Gaza ground offensive

Operation against rocket launchers in Beit Hanoun leads to first military fatality, Eitan Barak, since incursion launched

Love and Prayers from Zion
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman

Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19